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Welcome to Attend the Conferences Held at Hangzhou, China in May, 2016

The venue of the conferences held in May has been confirmed--Best Western Hangzhou Meiyuan Hotel (杭州最佳西方梅苑宾馆). Hereby, the organizing committee sincerely invite you to participate in the conferences and share your ideas with other scholars and specialists. If you have any interest, please contact us via: huiyi123net_may@126.com

Conferences held in April 2016 are as follows:

2016 International Conference on Biology and Life Sciences
2016 International Conference on Chemistry and Biochemical Engineering
2016 International Conference on Public Health and Medical Sciences
2016 International Conference on Energy, Environment and Natural Resources
2016 International Symposium on Materials Science and Engineering
2016 International Conference on Physics and Physics Education

To know more details about the hotel, you can download the PDF by clicking the following link:

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